Personal Relation with poor children Description National Center for Children in Poverty website…

Personal Relation with poor childrenDescriptionNational Center for Children in Poverty website provides current statistic and data for poverty in America based on geographic locations.
do this Module One Assignments
As discussed in Module One, children living in poverty face many challenges. Review the data presented in the NCCP website. Develop a cohesive essay comparing your personal school experience (I teach at a low- mid socio-economic school)) with that of a child in poverty. Include 4 statistics from your home state of N.Y. when comparing the two areas. This is for a online grad course. one page single space.…………………Answer Preview…………………

I teach at a low mid socio-economic school and every day I encounter challenges having an interaction with children in poverty. A while ago in the school, there came in a student where in their home they had lived to see no electricity. When the school board visited the student’s place, they found a woman who had twelve children and they all lived there. Some of the elder children had gone to school at some point but most of them had not stepped even in a single class. The parent could not have managed to get them security numbers nor their birth certificates. When she was young, she had enrolled in special education and so she couldn’t do it. The Homeless department went to the enrollment offices and got the kid’s papers and he enrolled in my class. I usually teach student who are of 7-8 years of age. The child that I took in was ten years and had not gone to any school.

This has been the pain some of the teachers who handle such……………..APA617 Words Added to cart

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