Please provide a 1-2 paragraph response to include intext citations and reference page Learnings… 1 answer below »

Please provide a 1-2 paragraph response to include intext citations and reference page


I think that the experience that has influenced me the most is from interacting with others that are completing the same process as me. I have learned a great deal by taking feedback from others as well as observing the way that they have chosen to approach their problems. Looking at those who have gone before us as well as adhering to the course examples has been tremendously helpful.

I think the videos found in each week’s lesson were also very helpful. Hearing the methods behind the Walden University DBA study helped to re-enforce what I read. Laureate Education (2016c) helped specifically on how to effectively assemble the prospectus by building from the base of the problem statement to the purpose statement and further.


I think that my greatest weakness that I identified revolved around making sure that I stay aligned throughout my study. I discovered early in the course that even the smallest misalignment can cause confusion with the reader of my study. For instance, in my original problem statement, the absence of just a couple of words made it appear as though my general and specific business problems were misaligned. In my head, because I had done the research, I already could see the connections. However, I received quite a bit of feedback that other people could not make the connection on how one connected to the other. Laureate Education (2016a) illustrated how to build the problem statement and described how the four components fit together.

Opportunities for Social Change

I have always envisioned social change as being a grand gesture by a person or an organization. After having the opportunity to see some in-class examples as well as reading some studies of those who have preceded us, I realize that even the small things matter. We can effect social change by solving business problems. Anytime that we help a responsible organization achieve better profits, we also affect the employees of that organization. The employees will see better work conditions or better benefits and pay. The community will see the benefits of a responsible organization through charitable giving and such. Positive social change does not have to be a grand gesture. Positive social change is about a trickle effect.

Further Questions

I do not have any specific additional questions on the Walden University DBA study at this time. However, up to this point between instructors, peers, and DBA Rubric and Research Handbook by Walden University (2016), all of my questions have been able to be answered. The handbook describes nearly every possible situation and gives footnotes to the exact requirements of the DBA study. Also, each class that I have been in has done a good job of aligning the handbook to the videos that are presented. I am confident that each progressive class will continue along the same lines.


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