1. Laura is a 26-year-old G2P1 who had a cesarean delivery for fetal distress with her first pregnancy. Laura is now struggling with deciding between scheduling a repeat cesarean delivery or attempting a VBAC. (Learning Objective 8)
    1. In order to ensure that Laura has the facts to assist her in her decision, explain the benefits and risks of a repeat cesarean delivery.
    2. Laura wants to weigh her options for both. Explain the benefits and risks of a VBAC.
    3. Describe the management of care for a woman attempting a VBAC delivery.

2.  Carol, age 17, is pregnant with her first child. Her menstrual dates are accurate and her date of conception is limited to one possible day. Her physician gives her an EDC of March 28th. Carol has gone past her due date and does not want to have her labor induced. Carol states, “My grandmother says that the baby will come when it is good and ready.” It is now April 14th and Carol is at 42 3/7 weeks’ gestation. She calls the office and reports that she is having a significant lower backache and she just passed “a glob of bloody mucus” from her vagina. (Learning Objective 6)

  1. Discuss the risks a prolonged pregnancy places on Carol.
  2. What risks are there for Carol’s unborn baby?
  3. Describe the nursing care required for women in labor with a prolonged pregnancy.

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