Prepare an example of a report you might submit if you were required to prepare regular reports… 1 answer below »

Prepare an example of a report you might submit if you were required to prepare regular reports against a section of a work plan for your organisation. Include details of how the work plan will be revised as a result of relevant feedback. (150-500 words)Explain how you might prepare documentation on hazard management for examination. (75-100 words)

Describe a system used to support the quality assurance process including resources and personnel involved. (100-150 words)

Provide an example of an approach to developing work plans. (50-75 words)

Describe the assessment and rating process of the National Quality Standard. (100-150 words)
Project 1You are a senior staff member in a small early year’s education provider, so you attend management meetings and participate in administrative activities such as self-assessment, auditing and quality assurance.

Answer the questions in 1000-2500 words.


Explain how you might undertake the facilitation of an organisation self-assessment process.Upload a file (7MB max)Trainer Comments27/12/2018 10:45PMYou may like to revisit the learning material for this one. The first step is:
-conducting focus groups with stakeholders

Please resubmit.


27/12/2018 10:48PMYou have made a good start. You have provided the first two steps in facilitation:
-overseeing the assessment of the organisation’s performance against the NQS and regulations
-assisting staff to identify gaps between required performance and actual performance
The next step is:
-running work groups to identify opportunities for improvement in work performance
What would happen next? You may like to revisit the learning material.

Please resubmit.


Using the table, provide an example of a section of a quality improvement plan.



Performance criteria

Identify gaps between standard and actual performance

Time frames

Within 21 days of self-evaluation plan being completed.Upload a file (7MB max)Trainer Comments27/12/2018 10:50PMGood start. Should your second performance criteria be to assess the risk of non-compliance before you develop strategies to address gaps and implement the plan for improvement?

Please resubmit.


Explain how you might monitor the implementation of a quality improvement plan.Upload a file (7MB max)Trainer Comments27/12/2018 10:51PM

Good answer.


Prepare a section of a report you might write based on the work plan that might be presented to relevant parties.Upload a file (7MB max)Trainer Comments27/12/2018 10:52PMFor this one you need to identify the gap/gaps that were identified and the strategies that were developed to address the gap.

Please resubmit.


Explain how you might coordinate the organisation for an external evaluation.Upload a file (7MB max)Trainer Comments27/12/2018 10:54PMGood start. Would you also schedule interviews? What else? You may need to revisit the learning material for this one.

Please resubmit.


Explain how you personally might undertake the interpretation and evaluation of regulations and quality assurance standards relating to children’s services.Upload a file (7MB max)Trainer Comments27/12/2018 10:54PM

Suitable course of action.


Provide an example of non-compliance and how you might go about assessing the risk to the organisation and clients.Upload a file (7MB max)Trainer Comments27/12/2018 10:58PMGood start. What quality area is the non-compliance relevant to? Please comment on the risk of non-compliance to the organisation in this situation and the risk to the children.

Please resubmit.


Describe how you might provide opportunities for staff to discuss, clarify, and meet regulatory requirements.Upload a file (7MB max)

Trainer Comments27/12/2018 10:58PM

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