Presentation “EZ STEP” Describe your product . “EZ STEP” Shoes with electronic sensors that help…

Presentation “EZ STEP”

  Describe your product. “EZ STEP”


Shoes with electronic sensors that help people with disabilities to navigate. (Blind people, patients with Alzheimer’s, down syndrome etc.)

Our product operates on a smart technology using existing sensor chips; however, we have improved it by taking it to the next level which should surely alleviate blind people’s lives. Our product is an innovation in the shoe industry, and active/ independent lifestyle industry. Our product is shoes that come with sensor chips designed for blind people. The shoes are intended to substitute canes or service dogs warning blind people of road dangers ahead of them.

  Identify 5 values

  Providing independence in orientation – People with visual impairment will not need anybody to take them down the street. When the shoes are on, it is like having an assistance. They can function in the streets by themselves almost like others. Providing accessibility to everyone and being practical in use– People with visual impairment have easy access to our shoes; they are available in big pharmacies and stores selling hospital and health-related stuff. Shoes are very convenient to wear adn practical in terms of design and appearance. Being  eco-friendly – this product does not harm the environment. It is mostly made of recycled material; though not losing to its high quality. Providing durability and reliability – the shoes could be worn many years without any noticeable decline in performance.The shoes are reliable for the purpose they are purchased. Providing safety – provides safety for people with vision problems. When people with vision problems walk by themselves, they feel more safe because the sensor chip inside shoes can warn them against any road obstacles, holes, coming cars, and any other road dangers.


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