Provide a 1-2 paragraph response to the following post My research topic is to show how team… 1 answer below »

Provide a 1-2 paragraph response to the following post

My research topic is to show how team building strategies can be used to improve profitability in an organization. Owonikoko’s study on virtual teams is closely related to my study. The purpose of this study was to provide organizational leaders with information about the strategies that virtualteam leaders use to build and maintain trust among virtualteam members to enhance job performance. The methods used were an exploratory case study and cognition-based and affect-based theories of interpersonal relationships as a conceptual framework. In-depth, semi structured electronic interviews were conducted with 10 virtualteam leaders and interview data and documents from virtualteam memos and progress reports were content analyzed. Member checking was also used to validate transcribed data. Two major outcomes emerged from the data analysis (a) the need for effective organizational and leadership skills and (b) strategies for building and maintaining trust among virtualteam members. Recommendations included reevaluating the hiring processes of virtualteam leaders and members, providing adequate cross-cultural training to virtualteam leaders and members, creating effective strategies for interpersonal relationships, and investing in communication technologies that foster face-to-face collaboration. Overall, the study concluded that building and maintaining trust among virtualteam members helps increaseteam performance and productivity.

In reviewing the Walden writing center page, a literature review is defined as a comprehensive representation of your understanding of a topic or field but aids in demonstrating the need for future research. This study is closely aligned with my personal goal for my DBA study which is to focus on team strategies that can create profitability for organizations. Owonikoko’s study specifies trust as a main factor in building a competitive advantage while my study will focus on team building strategies as a means of improving profitability. As Owonikoko’s study focuses primarily on virtual teams, I am proposing future research for this topic on implementing these strategies in a physical work environment. This study has relevance in my literature review as it shows a correlation between these two variables similar to my research question and the outcomes are nearly identical to my proposed takeaways. The author concluded that creating effective strategies for interpersonal relationships and noted the importance trust has in building strong teams as essential to the success of her study. These, I suppose will also reappear as outcomes in my study. Also, similar is the use of case study and electronic interviews to collect data. My proposed method is an anonymous electronic survey of call center employees who work in teams, specifically with identified team goals and after reading this study, am also considering a case study to support my research. There will be variances in the way I collect my data and in the use of the recommendations since my study is focused on the physical work environment vs. virtual work environments.

Critical analysis of this and other relevant studies in a literature review helps me understand there is a need for my research, what has already been studied, helps identify research gaps and future research recommendations as well as helps to identify common variable relationships and conflicting evidence. A literature review also gives the research study credibility as it proves it is relevant to a current business problem in organizations. Team building, as I identify in my problem statement, is often viewed as a collection of intangible activities to motivate a teams. My study aims at proving that to be most successful, these activities should be carefully thought out and should be supportive of an organization’s overall strategy as well as aligned with the company mission and goals. Providing a way of achieving this and changing the perspective from one of chance to one of strategy is not easy but is supported by studies like Owonikoko’s as a legitimate business strategy. These types of studies will help me show thatthe team is an entity that must hold exceptional qualities to achieve results (Cosmina-Simona, Malgorzata, and Malgorzata (2017)and that these qualities can be manipulated through strategies such as team building.


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