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You will need to complete a report on a current IS topic of your choice that is raising a lot of buzz or controversy. You will turn in a five page report (1 inch margin, 1.5 line spacing) on the chosen topic. In your paper, introduce the IS related controversy, discuss the multifaceted arguments (e.g. pros and cons) surrounding the controversy, discuss your stand and justify your stand. Make sure you provide citations and references. The references page is in addition to the five page report. You can choose any formatting style but be consistent.

Your grade will primarily depend on the choice of topic, how well you research and present the topic and the controversy associated with it, and the quality of writing.

You can copy and paste your response in the "submission" box provided in the assignment section (preferred mode since sometimes there are problems with opening attachments). Alternatively, you can turn in your report as an attachment in the assignments section (only word documents or pdf). Your report is due on 02/24/13 (Sunday)

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