Research and write about a theatre company Explore a Theatre Company! Hello class, I hope this finds

Research and write about a theatre companyExplore a Theatre Company!

Hello class, I hope this finds you all well!

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Research and write about a theatre company Explore a Theatre Company! Hello class, I hope this finds
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For this week and the last we have been looking at an overview of Asian American Theatre, some of its origins and traditions, as well as a brief look at where this culturally specific kind of theatre stands today nationally and more locally. We also looked at individuals like David Henry Hwang, who have helped bring Asian American Theatre to more prominence in the United States.

There have been many incredibly talented artists that have made their impact on the genre either as a playwright or performer like B.D. Wong (Law and Order), who is also a director, directing for television and for the stage or, in the areas of design, like Ming Cho Li who is one of the most renowned scenic designers in the entire field of scenic design in the last 50 years. Yet, their work and the work of so many current Asian American artists may have never seen their art produced or appreciated if not for the well spring of Asian American Theatre companies that have come up and thrived all over the U.S.

Below is a list of the current working Theatres that focus their energy and skill in the producing of Theatre that is in some way with an Asian/Asian American priority.

Your assignment is to choose ONE Theatre from this list and go to its website and explore it.

Please research your choice and write a two page summary of your findings.

Suggested areas of discussion:

The Theatre’s overall mission statement

The Theatres history

Has it been a successful company?

What kind of plays does this Theatre do or style of Theatre?

The Theatre’s subscription base and its specific demographic

The Theatre’s impact on its community

Who are the individuals that are at the heart of that Theatre?

A summary of your your thoughts and discoveries about the Theatre. Would you like to go to a show there? Why or why not?

You may include supporting pictures if you like.

Your paper should be at least two pages double spaced., ,, ,, Bindlestiff Studio, , Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Contemporary Asian Theater Scene (CATS),, ,, hereandnow Theatre Company, , New York City, ,, , Los Angeles, ,  (NAATCO), ,, New York CityPangea World Theatre, Minneapolis, New York City, , , , Theatre Esprit Asia, , , New York CityYouth for Asian Theater,o

(Make sure that the Theatre you are researching is still in OPERATION. This list may have changed in the last two years.)

………………………..Answer Preview……………………………

Over the years the presence of the Asian-American theatres has continued to grow. This has been accompanied by unprecedented growth in the number of Asians who participate in the performing arts. Also, it has led to the diversification of theatres to accommodate the American of Asian origin. Nevertheless, the change has not come on silver a platter, the American of Asians origins have had to fight for their space in the field. One such move is the establishment of East-West players which is situated in Los.,…………………………………………..


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