Review the following articles and select one for analysis: Ongori, H., & Agolla, J. E….

Review the following articles and select one for analysis:Ongori, H., & Agolla, J. E. (2008). Occupational stress in organizations and its effects on organizational performance. Journal of Management Research, 8(3), 123–135.
Retrieved from Business Source Premier database.Puryear, A. N., Rogoff, E. G., Lee, M.-S., Heck, R. K. Z., Grossman, E. B., Haynes, G. W., & Onochie, J. (2008). Sampling minority business owners and their families: The understudied entrepreneurial experience. Journal of Small Business Management, 46(3), 422–455.
Retrieved from ABI/Inform database.Szerb, L., Terjesen, S., & Rappai, G. (2007). Seeding new ventures—Green thumbs and fertile fields: Individual and environmental drivers of informal investment. Venture Capital, 9(4), 257–284.
Retrieved from Business Source Premier database.

In reviewing the article that you chose, focus your analysis on each of the following guiding questions. You should address each set of questions in a short paragraph. Be sure to refer directly to the article where appropriate.Briefly describe the type of statistical analysis. What does it measure, and what are its assumptions? Do the assumptions apply to the data in the article?Was there a statistically significant result? Were results mixed? Explain the findings.Did the authors present hypotheses? Were they plainly stated or inferred? Did the analysis support the hypotheses?How else might this study have been conducted? For example, could a different population have been studied? Could the population size have been different? Would a different type of analysis been appropriate?Are the results valid and reliable? Are they generalizable? What would need to be done in order to generalize the results to other contexts, populations, or settings?Do the authors discuss limitations? Are there other limitations that come to mind? What potential further studies could result from this study?

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