SCS-100 Observation Journal I am needing a 2 page journal written based on my first project. It will

SCS-100 Observation Journal

I am needing a 2 page journal written based on my first project. It will need to be in APA format and contain at least two citations. I will provide the rubric, a copy of my first project, last week’s discussion post, and a sample of how the journal should be.

*Please review all of the resources provided before starting the assignment.*

Discussion Post: 


I have selected the  commercial because at first glance I found the video to be humorous. The commercial was a depiction of what most would consider a normal shopping trip. It showcased a woman who seemed all too enthused about the outing as her male companion looked completely drained. However, the twist of adding the relaxing lounge-styled dressing room made the shopping spree a lot more enjoyable for the man.

The commercial failed to appeal to me as an individual because I am not a beer drinker. Beer is not a product that I choose to view ads and commercials about. It also failed to appeal to me as a woman. It is my opinion, that the ad was focused on gaining attention from male viewer based on the ways that women were portrayed in the video. Unlike the main female character, I do not find enjoyment in shopping in large crowded stores. I find myself more connected to the male’s displeasure with the trip. Also, the way that the female clerks we depicted in the Carlsberg dressing room did not appeal to me. The dressing room was staffed mainly with female worker serving men. This commercial overall seemed very sexist as it insinuated that women are good for shopping or serving men.



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Article choice

I chose the advertisements because they bring out the relationship between individuals. In one of the adverts, a woman is seen breaking up with her boyfriend in public. She becomes a bit violent. Another ad shows a man and a woman from a shopping trip. The man seems to be completely out of energy. He is drained. However, the relaxing lounge-styled dressing room helps bring out the excitement in him. He is served with a glass of Carlsberg beer which seems to suddenly bring out the energy in him. In the third ad, a young…..


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