Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Women Adolescents

SMART Goal: Promote sexually active adolescent women to be screened for STDs during the first month after the initial consultation, allowing access to preventive sexual education and digital information to brief brochures that require registration, places to take the 3xams, costs, methods, and associated diseases and importance of annual screening


Develop a health promotion program to meet a health need of a vulnerable population in your potential concentration area or community.

1. Describe the health problem (1 paragraph).

a. Indicate data and statistics in USA

2. What specifically will you address in your proposed health promotion program? Check SMART goal (Dont copy and paste the SMART goal) (1paragraph)

3. Describe the vulnerable population.  (2 paragraph).

a. Describe  3 risk factors that make this a vulnerable population

b.  Describe one research per each one risk factors identified.

4. Make a review of literature (Format) from 3 scholarly journals of evidence-based interventions that address the problem. (2 paragraph).

5. write a review that evaluates the one strength and one weakness of each one sourceshave found in point 4. (2 paragraph).

6. Explain why the Health belief model is best serves as the guiding framework

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