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For this assignment you are to watch a movie and write a report for goals of the movie. Read the instruction well and write from one and half to 2 pages (not less than page and half and not more than 2 pages At least 2 pages). The class is Social Implications of Computers
The movie is called “Office Space”. A trailer is available at this link: (trailer) (Full Movie)
Also, for reading about the movie there is a Wikipedia entry that can be found at this link:
About the movie (Abstract): The movie is basically a 1999 satire of a corporate office working life as experienced by programmers working under aggravating bosses. In terms of ethics, the movie is much about (power and control). It is also about the role of computers in working life, and workplace life is filled with social/ethical issues. The movie also has a connection with computer crime. There are examples of coarse language and crude references in this film, which may have some people inclined to turn away. In some ways Office Space is a cult film, which means that some enthusiasts watch time and time again and memorize certain quotes from the movie.
What should you do?
When you decide to start writing about the movie your task is to focus on Goals of the movie. For goals of the movie, consider that when a person watches a movie they do react in terms of their own experience and cognitive abilities, but also that their senses are stimulated, the most fundamental ones being vision and hearing. As you think about the goals of the movie, consider that film as a medium is challenging to fully understand, analyze, and critique because a movie contains large amounts of information. Examples of types of goals might be things like the following: To educate, stimulate thinking, or deepen insight into certain issues. To advocate or persuade for a social cause, position or perspective. To challenge commonly held beliefs. To emotionally engage the audience in prescribed ways. For example, the six key emotions of sentiment analysis are anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, and surprise. Are any of these utilized in the film? To simply hold the attention of the audience and to entertain.
Movies employ multiple elements and techniques to achieve their goals. Example elements include the narrative and plot, selection of music, use of computer-based special effects, juxtapositions of imagery, angles of shooting, zooming in and out, a speed of the narrative, allusions to other films or media, choice of settings and costumes, acting, and directing. For the movie you have chosen, think about how these kinds of elements create meaning and expose the goals of the film, and describe specifically how these elements are used to achieve the goals.
Note important: Although you can and should use and cite sources, be careful not to plagiarize in any part of your report. If you use any cite sources add them.

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