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Strategic Plan Proposal

You have been asked by leadership within your department to design and submit a Strategic Plan Proposal to be used as a model for a proposed IT-related health care initiative to promote successful post-implementation adoption by internal and external stakeholders.

Your model should represent what will work effectively in your organization given limited financial resources and the capabilities of the organization at this time. Consider what the CEO, CFO, and CIO would realistically approve as cost-effective.


Write a Strategic Plan Proposal of 1,050-1,400 words on a health care initiative specific to the organization that you have used throughout this course. This proposal is to be viewed as a strategic model to be deployed for the initiative predicated on future behavior of the stakeholder involved in post implementation adoption.

You may choose to draw from one of your earlier assignments to select an initiative that could be, or is being considered for, the next step for a current or planned IT initiative.

Include the following in your proposal:

· Overview of the Initiative

o Provide a detailed description of the proposed initiative.

o What internal and/or external needs and/or requirements is the IT initiative intended to meet?

o What internal and external stakeholders are involved in implementation and post-implementation?

o What initiative oversight and monitoring is required to ensure that the strategic plan is implemented and adopted as planned?

· Description of the Strategic Plan Model

o Strategies for achieving planned post-implementation adoption that are supported by literature-reviewed and proven best practices within your organization.

o Strategies for addressing unplanned challenges and issues based on a literature review of best practices and proven best practices that have been successful in past initiatives within your organization.

· Summarize the benefits of this strategic planning model relating to promoting successful post-implementation.

Incorporate five to eight scholarly articles that focus on IT initiative strategic planning strategies on addressing post implementation adoption for planned and unplanned challenges and issues. These articles should be relevant to your chosen initiative for your organization to support the strategies presented.

This is the part that needs to be address

Read the Strategic Plan Proposal.

Write, using the information in the Strategic Plan Proposal, a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper outlining a proposal for a health care initiative.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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