STUDENT-TEACHER AND PARENTS RELATIONSHIP article critique ‘ this is article. For productive…


article critique ‘

 this is article.For productive parent-teacher conferences, teachers can team up with students’ families, encouraging them to take a more active role in driving the conversation.

Explain how you, as a school counselor/consultant, could facilitate this type of parent/teacher/student collaboration. Use relevant theory, from your readings (for example: Chapter 2, in your textbook) to support your opinion.

Submit your response as a paper (the main body should be at least 2 pages), typed and double spaced.  APA format (including the title page, abstract, main body and references) is required (please see resource link and Sample Paper in APA Format below) . The rubric is attached


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            Children are the most precious gift that parents have, proper care and attention should be given to them. It is the moral duty of the society to work as a unit so as to provide adequate care. People who are close to the kids are the teachers and the parents. The two parties work together in close relationship which is very essential for the child development. The article takes a keen look at how the teacher should bring the parties together through physical conventions and school activities. It is the duty of the teacher to ensure that the child and parent are always connected at home and at school. The outcome of the research……………..


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