study of Modern Art in the first half of the 20th century…


Throughout our study of Modern Art in the first half of the 20th century, several themes seem to repeatedly arise.

These themes are: 1) Use of primitivism in various art movements; 2) Exploration of Freud’s psychoanalytic theories; 3) The changing role of art and the influence of mass culture (i.e., art as commodity, links to commodity culture or mass production of art products); and 4) A new form of realism in response to political and social events occurring in the early 20th century(i.e. new, even possibly more abstract, ways of expressing real experiences, beyond Courbet’s realism).?For your final project you will be reexamining these four themes and searching for images that reflect each of them.

Choose one image for each theme and construct a portfolio (written and visual) that explains its relationship to the theme and determines its importance and impact on 20th century art. These images must come from the time period of 1900-1945 (post WWII images not acceptable unless used in your concluding comments). ??Since this is an online course utilize web sources, such as museum websites (I have provided several in RESOURCES, announcements and within lesson plans) as well as your own research.

You must choose works of art other than those from FADIS that we have studied and different from those you have used in previous assignments. Your portfolio should consist of images and a written assessment done in outline/short paragraph form (as opposed to formal essay). Instructions for this portfolio are as follows:

Portfolio instructions?

Consider each chosen theme individually, but if you can find commonalities between themes, include information to this end.?Choose one artistic examples for each theme. Assess these examples based on the following criteria and for each of the four themes, include the information specified:

1. Name of artwork, artist, year, style or movement.

2. Short assessment of the work:describe the work in terms of its style and subject (for example, if it is a surrealist work, describe the composition and its subject and what make it Surreal — 1 paragraph of approx. 5-6 sentences).

3. Analysis of the work in terms of the theme to which is corresponds. For this section, answer the question: How does this work of art reflect the theme to which it corresponds (for example: If it is a work with Primitivist tendencies, how is this shown in the composition, artistic elements and/or the subject?)? Your assessment of these examples should be detailed enough to substantiate your analysis (2 paragraphs).

4. IMPORTANT: Conclude your portfolio with an evaluation of the impact of these themes on the art of the latter half the 20th century and into the 21st. This is your opinion, based on your newly acquired knowledge of Modern art. Although this is an essential part of your portfolio this section should be a short essay (two-three paragraphs, the final page of portfolio) and you should want to include one artistic example from the latter half of the 20th c to substantiate your points (1945-present).

NOTE:You should find most of the information you need for this final within the assigned readings, discussions and lesson plans. While I prefer your rely on the provided readings, you may use outside sources if it helps your research. You must cite any sources you quote directly or to which you borrow any particular facts and figures (both from our readings and otherwise). Be sure to cite in parentheses next to the quote when citing sources other than your own knowledge and provide a bibliography page. (As noted in other assignments, Wikipedia is notan acceptable academic source.) ??

You must italicize names of art works. Please use SPELL/GRAMMAR check before handing in your final assignment.

REMINDER: This essay deals with the early 20th century only. Do not use artists from the 19th century (no Courbet, Manet, van Gogh, Gauguin, etc.) or after 1945.

Length of Final Portfolio

Brevity is key for this project, so be clearand concisein your writing! Your portfolio should be no more than 5 pages (1 page for each themeand one page for the concluding evaluation), typewritten, double-spaced.Please use Times or Times New Roman for the portfolio as it is easier to read (I will not read your paper if it is composed in any other font).Include an image (small) for each of the four themes.

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