Surface Runoff in the City of Philadelphia

Surface Runoff in the City of Philadelphia

Write a draft 1 page single-spaced paper answering the questions based on the paragraph below.

Surface runoff is an enormous problem in the City of Philadelphia.  When it rains in the city water runs down streets, sidewalks, and off parking lots causing our rivers such as the Delaware and Schuylkill to flood. Besides causing flooding, the water also carries with it non-point source pollution such as fertilizers, dog waste, oil, and trash.

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Surface Runoff in the City of Philadelphia
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Philadelphia has begun to charge churches, businesses, and even colleges and universities for the amount of paved or impervious surfaces on their properties.  Since this charge has begun, the Community College of Philadelphia has completed major renovations in this department.  Many of these upgrades cannot be seen by the eye, but they are there.  A couple includes green roofs on the Pavilion and Bonnell buildings and an underground rainwater collection systems behind the West building on 18th street.  All of these additions have lowered the College’s runoff charge.

Your paper should answer the following questions in detail and with a factual basis:

  • Paper explains the problem of surface runoff in the City of Philadelphia. Including the variable that causes runoff and how surface water is related to the hydrologic cycle.
  • Paper explains why the table on the following link is important to understand flooding in Philadelphia and what inferences can be taken by the amount and size of flood events in recent years. Be sure to include the reasons why flooding has increased in recent years (this is not related to CO2 emissions) (Links to an external site.)
  • Paper gives examples of ways that residents can lower their runoff charge, to lower the charge on their water bill.
  • Paper gives factual reasoning as to whether the current runoff charge deters residents from paving over surfaces. Remember the Hardin article and mutual coercion.   You can also tie the charge to the sugary beverage tax or any sin tax.