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summary is the poet's view on one calm full moon night at sea as full and glimmering tides at the english channel divide of england side cliffs at dover beach and french coast. while watching through window of the room as sweet night breeze comes in from the beach where sea meets moonlight washed land and listening to the rhythmic grinding roar of the pebbles bought back and forth by sea waves brings him the thoughts of eternal sadness lies in this mortal world. he compares these thoughts with the Greek tragedian Sophocles's example that same thoughts about human misery he must have heard and find in and as sound of thoughts long ago before him by looking at the muddy stirred up ebb and flow of the Aegean sea in Greece which reflected in his tragic writings. he realizes that how once was sea like abundance of faith and beliefs were there like full moon night tides laying as folds of a girdle in this world and now only feelings of dejected pensive sadness is there like long withdrawing roar of retreating night wind from the vast edges and naked shingles of the gloomy shore. feeling the loss of faith and love in this increasingly material and Godless world he urges to be true and faithfull to each other as he reamrks that in the end behind the illusion of this so called various, new and beautifull land of dreams lies the lack of certainty, joy, love, peace, help for pain and light of hope. he compares this contemprory modern world with faithless, careless, flat and a lightless place and marks that while we as people are struggling and being swept by confusion running away the ignorant armies across the world are fighting in dark of night in futility. 2.) sharing my reaction i can associate with poet's feelings and situation. As in my experience of coming from a very conservative, faith based and religious background from Iraq and coming to USA i can connect with his inner conflict of differences between modern and old, religious beliefs and science, faith and logical reasoning, spirituality and materializam etc. i would like to share my experiences as a learning process and would like to summerize sometimes as a birthing pain but i believe one should strive to be fair, equal, open minded and non judgmental. i am trying to be hopefull every moment working against the challenges posed to me with these differences and seeking a constructive clarity through these testing times of the comtemprory surroundings. " Ballad Of The Landlord" – Poem by Langston Hughes. This poem dramatizes the apparent conflict between the tenant and the landlord but reflects the underlying burning issue of racism and discrimination. The speaker notes here his account of a tenant who seems to be an african american and trying to raise concerns about the delapidated condition of his rental house from a seemed caucasian american landlord. He details to his landlord how the roof is leaking and the very steps from which the landlord comes up to him repetedly demanding the rent are so visibly broken that it surprises him that the landlord is not falling off those steps and not able to realize that it requires total repairs. He suggests through his first paragraph that he has complained from way last week but he is being ignored and not responded respectfully. The speaker further narrates the interaction in the form of a rapping rhyme may be in form of a slang inclined 'Ballad' as the name suggests that how the verbal exchange took place and he was demanded that the repairs be paid by him and eventhough he agreed to pay but only after the repairs are done and that tobe done, new. But in return he got an intimidation from the landlord in form of various threats that heat will be cut off, furniture will be taken and after the eviction notice served he will be thrown out 'in the street'. Here, however underneath the regular tenant – landlord drift the speaker is trying to show or draw attention to the kind of class war and social injustice rampant at that time when african americans in particular were treated unfairly by the white ruling class as landlords, governing bodies like police and media in general. He uses the form of dialouges and tones through different characters and confirms the racial tension and its manipulation and discrimination to its T with further narrating the event . In the wake of his frustration the speaker shows how the tenant becomes aggrevated and threatens the landlord that he would beat him if the issue is not handled fairly and then he will be embarassed though feeling all high and mighty powerful before being punched. As a reaction to this through tenant the speaker shows how the poor and colored were being played and discriminated through manipulation of race, money and power because the moment tenant threatens the landlord-he immediately blames the tenant of challenging the power as in violating the rules of people's government and calls in the police who is been again shown in form of rapping rhyming words that they come and aressts the tenat without taking into consideration the issue and putting him straight in jail with no chance to explain and giving no benefit of doubt. just purely on race, class and color. Further shown that how everybody in power abuses its reach and media also taints the public picture by making the landlord victim, showing only one side that man-tenant violently threatened the landlord and making the bias so loud and clear that even the people's justice system takes him as a criminal offender and the judge throws him in jail for 90 days forfetting his bail rights. Overall the speaker as in poet Langston Hughes tries to reflect the grave social system prevelant in the decades of thirties and forties when his work was mainly done and trying to show the times of the struggle of african americans in particular coming out of the typical enslavement era. Him having ancestors of both class and race as rich and ruling white on paternal side and poor and enslaved black on maternal side, he chose to give a lyrical balanced emotional and practical account in this poem by taking this typical tenant – landlord example showing lightly the ironies and paradoxes of his time and age. " Sea Of Faith " by John Brehm and William Shakespeare's " Like As The Waves Make Towards The Pebbled Shore" COMPARE AND CONTRAST – In my understanding of John Brehm's "Sea Of Faith" which is lyrical narrative and William Shakespeare's " Like As The Waves Make Towards The Pebbled Shore" which is a Sonnet as in a narration in rhymes or ABAB rythum, if I have to compare it's more or less trying to explore and convey the 'mystery' of LIFE. While Brehm's inclination is more towards the hopefullness of life from which he thinks and wishes how one can go through the different experiences of life which as In Sea you can dive in as a ignorant being and come out taking deep swim as a fresh and mature individual with regain trust in life and faith and helpfulness in getting it's answers as in able to unfold the mystery – in Same context Shakespeare also compares Life and it's journey which human being lives and travels with refernce to time, as a sea and it's continuing passage of waves towards the pebbles shore and moments of time growing towards its bigger units (minutes,hours, days, years and years till death)to end again relentlessly replaced by another wave of more moments suggesting how Life is a mortal endeavour and slowly disintegrating towards the Ultimate and only truth of Death. On the contrary i think Brehm's approach is kind of fictional and wishfull considering already life as a deep dark sea of ignorance if it has to be real- as it is foolishly complicated and dangerously skeptical for him while it's subjects- people are already drowning in it. He wishes to have life once again in its simpler form for people to live through it and ultimately enlighten to regain the trust, understanding and more importantly faith to have all eternal questions asked fearlessly and answered just and simplified Where as Shakespeare's contradiction to Brehm's fictional vison of life is totally realistic as he realizes and expresses that how Life with reference to time travels like endless waves towards the shore as to begin with a small fresh and new like a moment in time, takes birth and advances towards youth which once peaks and gets crowned as middle age starts disintegrating slowly turning again in small moments towards the end of time relative to death which is the Ultimate reality in this time bound mortal world. The Time which gives meaning to life as in its beauty and wonders to begin with, itself threatens to end it and erase it eventual

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