the status of crime in the United States

Using scholarly internet sources, CPS Library, and =chapters 10, 11, and 12 of your text, research institutional corrections, prison life including inmate rights, release and recidivism, as well as community corrections. For your Unit 5 Complete assignment, write a comprehensive APA paper including all components of this form of writing. The minimum word count is 1200 words. The comprehensive paper should address and discuss the questions or statements listed below. Use at least four scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your paper.

Write your paper and cite your sources in APA format, use a title page, abstract, and the other components of an APA formatted paper for your assignment. The 1200 word minimum applies only to the body of your report and does not include the title page, abstract or reference pages.  If you need any assistance in formatting your APA paper, please refer to the APA template under the resources tab or your CPS librarians. In your paper, discuss in detail the following.

property crimes

1. What is the status of crime in the United States? Are property crimes increasing or decreasing? Is violent crime increasing or decreasing? Why do you believe those trends are occurring?

2. Does the criminal justice system in the United States follow Packer’s model of “crime control” or “due process? What makes the American criminal justice system that model?

3. Define “mala in se” and “mala prohibita” crimes. Name three crimes for each category.

4. Identify the characteristics of community-oriented policing and problem-solving policing. Are these policing styles exclusive of each other? Why or why not? Discuss at least four ways in which police corruption could be eliminated or at least greatly reduced.

5. The prosecutor has almost sole discretion of whether or not to pursue a prosecution against a party. What factors does a prosecutor consider in order to make a decision to prosecute or not? Are these factors controlled or governed by the Bill of Rights? How?

6. Discuss the five rationales or justifications for criminal punishment. Which rationale do you believe the United States is now using? Why do you believe the present scheme of punishment is successful or not? How has this punishment approach affected recidivism? What should be changed in the criminal justice system to reduce crime and recidivism?

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