Theories of nursing

You have spent six weeks exploring theories of nursing. These represent the “how” of what we do as nurses. This week we enter a higher level of thought and explore the “why” of what we do. Present a personal nursing philosophy. Apply what you have read throughout the course and explore the literature on nursing philosophy. While Fawcett was not a nursing theorist, she is a nursing philosopher and her Metaparadigm of Nursing approaches philosophy over theory. Once you have discussed your philosophy, identify a theoretical framework (not the middle-range theories but the underlying assumptions in that framework) that fits your philosophy. Compare and contrast your philosophy and the chosen framework.  Describe a possible situation in which the framework may conflict or not fit your philosophy. While it is an important skill to be able to match a theory with a situation, it is also critical to understand when a theory or framework does not fit a situation.


· about 5 pages NOT counting the title page and reference page. You do NOT need an abstract with this assignment

· Present a personal reflection paper about your personal nursing philosophy (often this philosophy aligns with your personal beliefs and values and where they were developed [family, friends, school, etc]). You can use first person in this paper

· you will need a reference page

· Once you have presented your nursing philosophy, discuss how it aligns with one of the nursing theories you have studied this term (or before)

· Then discuss how your chosen theory might not be the right fit in an identified clinical situation

· Lastly, have a closing paragraph that ties everything together

Since this is a personal paper, it is OK to use first person. REMEMBER – what is your nursing value system and where did you first learn about values

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