This assessment challenges students to collect, compare and contrast economic data on two…

This assessment challenges students to collect, compare and contrast economic data on two countries (one rich,
one poor) and develop a multi draft essay and presentation that includes two policy recommendations for the
poor country on ways it might try to improve its economic performance and social welfare.
1. Students select two countries (one poor; one rich) that they are interested in (advise your lecturer by
week 8 about the chosen countries).
2. Write the essay (4000 word limit) using the following structure:
Essay Structure (maximum 4000 Content
Part A: Theoretical overview Comprehensive overview of economic growth theory (describing the role of factors of
production, technology and fundamentals in economic growth disparities).
Part B: Application of theoretical
insights to a pair of countries (one
poor; one rich)
Collect and present relevant data (aim for 20 years of data) to describe developments
in ‘key variables’ from Part A for both countries in order to understand differences in
economic growth and sustainable development between the two countries.
Part C: Make economic policy
recommendations to the poor
Draw Parts A and B together, i.e. make two policy recommendations (using your
findings in Parts A and B) to the poor country, which should help to improve its
economic growth.
3. Prepare a short (max. 10 minutes) digital presentation on the progress of your essay (and dilemmas you
may face). Structure the presentation to ensure constructive feedback can be provided. The presentation
is optional and will not be graded;
Submit the digital presentation to a LearnJCU dropbox by 5pm, Wednesday 20 May 2020.
Use lecturer’s feedback on your digital presentation to finalise your essay.

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