Transcultural Nursing in the Community

NUR4636 – Community Health Nursing

Case Study

Chapter 5

Transcultural Nursing in the Community

Community health clients belong to a variety of cultural groups. To gain

acceptance, nurses must strive to introduce improved health practices that are

presented in a manner consistent with clients’ cultural values. The student nurse is

going to visit two different homes with the community health nurse with different

cultural beliefs.

1. In preparation for the student nurse’s visits to two different homes, what five

transcultural principles will assist in guiding community health nursing

practice in these settings?

2. During the first visit, the student nurse has to conduct a cultural assessment

by questioning the patient and observing the family dynamics. The

community health nurse has requested that the student nurse assess for

appropriate information in six major areas. What six major areas should the

student nurse consider?

3. After the conclusion of the first visit, the community health nurse cautions

the student nurse to be consciously aware of any ethnocentrism attitudes

toward other cultures and the importance of cultural diversity. What is

ethnocentrism and why is it so important to be conscious of cultural


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