Using an example of Christian practice, how is practice embodied?… 1 answer below »

Your paper should be 550 words. You need to use proper citation forms. For this class, that will be Chicago style footnotes. Not citing your sources is plagiarism, so make sure you use some form of citations and use them correctly. This an essay assignment. You should have a thesis statement that makes a clear argument, your paper should pertain to backing up that argument, and your paper should flow from point to point in paragraphs. This paper should show your own comprehension and mastery of the material covered in class, but should not simply be you rewording lectures or listing facts. Use the knowledge gained in this class to make a unique argument pertaining to the topic relating to Islam that you choose.

This paper is about Christianity, but you get to choose how it relates to Islam. You can choose your own topic, or use one of the following prompts to guide you or help spur up some ideas. Remember, these prompts are not meant to limit, but help provide examples and ideas for what you might want to write about. Using one or more examples, how are Christianity and Christian principles represented through aesthetics? Using an example of Christian practice, how is practice embodied? How does practice embody belief, and what difference does embodiment and material culture make to Christianity? Discuss one important way that Christian practice in the past is different from Christian practice today. What produced such differences? Why do those differences matter? Focusing on Christian life, describe the relationship between Christianity and other social forces. How does Christianity interact with its surrounding social forces? How do those interactions shape the lives of those practicing Christianity?
''I send the doc that has the notes on Christianity and there's a book called God is not One by Steven Prothero that you can also use to write the paper, the title will be under Christianity and only use Christianity .''

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