Week 4 Genre Presentation Create a 10-slide Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® presentation describing The…

Week 4 Genre Presentation

Create a 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing

The Fifth Element (1997)


Include the following:Discussion of your selected genreDiscussion of the following components in your selected film:Summary of the film’s storySettingActingLightingCostumesMakeupMusicSoundDiscussion of the film’s theme(s) and how the components discussed above support the theme(s) you have determined for the film.

Address social context aspects of film as discussed in Ch. 10 of Film by writing the following for inclusion on one Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide:Discuss your film in terms of its social context. What influences from its time period are present in the film? Consider how the film might be different were it made in another time and place. Why and how would it be different?

Include detailed speaker notes.

Reference and incorporate readings from Film: An Introduction into your arguments as well as a minimum of two references from the course’s ERRs.  THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL

Because this is an academic analysis, this presentation will include an introduction, body consisting of the above topic points, and a conclusion.

Include a References Slide(s) with APA formatted reference entries. Added to cart

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