You are a cybersecurity consultant working for one of the big-4 consulting firms…. 1 answer below »

You are a cybersecurity consultant working for one of the big-4 consulting firms. In your client
portfolio you have the choice of working on a cybersecurity program for the following clients;
an educational institute (such as a university), a small-to-medium sized business (SME), and a
division of large business/government organisation. You are to choose one client.
As part of your work for the client, you have chosen you are required to provide a client report
that explains the importance of cybersecurity risk assessments. To successfully write this report,
you must complete the following tasks:
• Task 1: discuss why risk assessment is the most critical step in developing and managing
cyber security in the organisation and identify any limitations of the current risk assessment
• Task 2: create five questions that will identify the most critical information assets of the
organisation and justify how the five questions you have created achieve this. For example,
you could assume that an organisation website is one of the most critical information assets
of the organisation. Create a WFA template to rank the top five assets.
• Task 3: identify the top five threats to the organisation information assets. Support your
findings by referencing reputable sources of information.
• Task 4: Discuss how the top five threats identified in Task 3 could/could not impact the
asset. Rank the threats and define the risk values based on their likelihood of exposure and
levels of impact (potential consequences) on the asset. Support your discussion by quoting
reputable sources of information. You are free to make any assumption(s) you wish
regarding the organisation structure, mission, vision, business profile, etc. which will need
to be documented in the appropriate sections of your report.

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